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I’m running to retain my seat on the County Commission for three important reasons:

First, I’m running to make sure you get your money’s worth from county government. 


We must take the pressure off overburdened taxpayers, especially people on fixed incomes. One way to do that is to make businesses pay their fair share of taxes and by building an economy that produces jobs and revenue.  It’s important to keep our County affordable to working class families and people on fixed incomes.

Second, I’m running to make sure there’s enough money in the budget so county roads get the maintenance they need and the snowplowing you count on.


I believe county spending should reflect our priorities.  One key priority is roads and snowplowing, and one policy that affects roads and snowplowing is the ‘Road Levy Shift.’   Under Washington State law Commissioners have the authority to shift money away from roads into the General Fund.  Since 2004 over $4,000,000 has been shifted from roads and snowplowing this way.


My position regarding road levy shifts is clear: “Over my dead body.”  Right now I’m working on making county policy so that increases in revenue goes to increase the money for roads and snowplowing.

Third, I’m running so you are represented by someone who remembers that the real power in Pend Oreille County is not in the commissioner’s room at the Courthouse.  The real power is in your living rooms and around your kitchen tables.


I’m running so we get our fair share of regional and statewide resources, because for too long we’ve gotten less than we should.  I’m already changing that and since becoming a commissioner I’ve produced results for Pend Oreille County.  Through the Tri-County Economic Development District I secured $100,000 for Newport City sidewalks.  I'm also proud that I got their commitment to the first $10,000,000 for the Ione and Usk bridges from the federal government.  


Whether it’s money for bridges, or for broadband for north county which we’re going to get, I’ll keep bringing in the dollars from outside the county to take financial pressure off the people who live here.

Overarching all my priorities is making county government more trustworthy. Because government can accomplish a lot when people trust their representatives.
I want to continue serving as your county commissioner and ask for your vote, your volunteer efforts, and your support. Let’s win together. God bless you.

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